We bring your furniture from

IKEA Lakeside…

to you at great prices

Ikea LakesideIKEA Lakeside sells stylish and innovative home furnishings at great prices. That’s a fact! Actually shopping for their products however can be an incredibly stressful experience, and that’s where we can help.

The easy flatpax service removes that stress completely. Rather than going to IKEA yourself, simply order everything you need from us and we all do the work for you!

We liaise with you every inch of the way, providing a professional shopping and delivery service, specialising in all IKEA Lakeside products.

Our standard delivery area (see here) covers the whole of Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, Northern Kent and Cambridgeshire, but if you live outside these areas, don’t panic, we will also happily deliver to you too, for a very small extra cost!


Our step by step guide to how it works…

Select your items from the IKEA Lakeside catalogue or on-line via our website here. If you haven’t got a catalogue and would like one, we’ll send you one, see our contact form on the right of this page.

You then have several options to send your order to us.

Call us… on 0207 993 6287 (calls cost 10p per minute)

Email us… at sales@easyflatpax.co.uk

Our Contact Form… List your items on our contact form. We’ll need the
item number, description, colour/style, quantity and price.

IKEA Lakeside’s Own Shopping List… You can complete and then email directly from their website to us.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do!

We now take over and go to work on your order. We double check everything and then come back to you with a written quote of costs. We even advise if we think you might have forgotten things. Everything we do for you is completely transparent and there are no hidden charges.
If you require your items to be assembled, we will also quote this at this stage.  We have an extensive database of items we have assembled in the past and we know all the ‘tricks’ of the trade to keep costs to a minimum. We also keep a comprehensive stock of spares and all the specialised tools we need on our vehicles to keep assembly times to a minimum.

Once the overall order is agreed by you, we then set a date for delivery to you, and yes, we stick to that! Once the date and time is agreed with you (barring lightening strikes and traffic jams!) we will be with you on the date, and on time.

We like to say ‘NO‘!

  • No trying to track down information for directions or opening times etc., for  IKEA Lakeside.
  • No hassle, driving hours to get there and back.
  • No crowds.
  • No horrendous check-out queues.
  • No hauling heavy boxes around.
  • No problems trying to fit it all in your car.
  • No running the gauntlet with the Police for an overloaded car, or unsafe load on the roof-rack.
  • No finding the items you really wanted are out of stock.
  • No having to go back and do it all over again, sometimes several times, when something is missing or damaged.


  • Want to change something? We’ll do that for you…completely free!
  • Want to send something back? We’ll even do that for you…again completely free!

So, call us now on 0843 207 5139 and we’ll show you how we provide a totally relaxed and personalised shopping experience for you…


Just sit back and let it happen!


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