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[dropcap style=”1″]T[/dropcap]odays holiday, or long term lets rely on a good location, a nice feel to the property, and probably most importantly, but often forgotten, nice quality furniture. After all, rental properties are just another business like any other, and overheads must be kept as low as possible, to maximise returns. [pullquote align=”left”][raw]
[/raw][/pullquote] In order to achieve good quality, maximum rental lets throughout the summer season, you need to rely on first impressions from your advertising, and this means good interior decor. We saw two almost identical properties recently, both with two bedrooms, and close to the beach. One was full of old heavy obviously secondhand, but quite serviceable furniture, the other with a few strategically positioned pieces of modern furniture. The overall look of the latter was far more clean and inviting. This property had sold almost the full rental summer season. The other had one week booked. We believe passionately that a small investment can result in a high return, so we offer economic, high quality furniture packages from IKEA for your investment property.

For an empty 2 bed, 2 bathroom property we would estimate prices of furniture packages to be around £4,300 to fully furnish to a mid-range quality level. The equivalent 3 bed, 3 bath property furniture packages would be around £5,500 and this is for a good standard range of items. We can easily decrease or increase these budgets by changing items for others that are either more or less expensive dependant upon requirements.

Furniture packages prices are all based on IKEA products and include delivery, assembly and fitting where necessary (mirrors, lights, bathroom cabinets etc).

We also shop at other stores including DIY and white goods, for other items, and can arrange well priced packages of these items.

Furniture packages in both property examples above, comprises:

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Sofas Coffee Table TV Unit Dining Table/Chairs
Sideboard Floor Lamp Mirror Rug
Cushions Beds Mattresses Bedside Tables
Bedside Lights Duvets/Covers Pillow Cases Fitted Sheets
Pillows Clothes Hangers Towels Bath Mats
Toilet Brush Pedal Bin Toilet Roll Holder Towel Holder
Bathroom Cabinet Dinner Service Cutlery Knife Set
Glasses Chopping Boards Saucepan Set Oven Dishes
Serving Dishes Salad Bowl Heat Mats Corkscrew
Tin Opener Potato Peeler Scissors Utensil Set
Colander Grater Condiments Set Tea Towels


We have included sufficient of everything for the appropriate number of occupants and the packages are examples of holiday lets. Long term lets will vary of course.

The packages cater for 4 people in the 2 bed property and 6 people staying in the 3 bed property. We have also allowed 2 extra dining chairs in each property for possible visitors.

If you require any further information on our tailor made packages, please contact us either by phone or using the contact form on this page or click the button below:


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